Perfect Saturday

It was a lovely Saturday that revolved on attending two birthday parties of my littlest Samuel’s friends.  They are turning five.  Samuel is turning 5 NEXT MONTH.  It was a joy to see him play and interact with his little friends from pre-k.  Unlike me, Joshua and Samuel are social butterflies.  They say hello to people as we walk past them, they inform our neighbors from across the street where we are going and make new friends instantaneously.   It was an awesome day for the boys.  Too much cake, pizza, games, jumping, and singing had them in the best mood ever. I would glance over at Samuel playing with his friends, his best friend Maddie was holding his little hand deciding on what to play next.  Chuck E. Cheese was first, and because two parties were happening on the same day it was very early.

Later, we headed to the second party.  At an inside trampoline park.  It was the first time ever going to one.  The boys were immediately attracted to the bounce house, trampolines, and slides in the park.  I could only hear the little squeals, screams, and laughter of little kids.  There were also loud whistles that the kids were immediately drawn to in their treat bags.  I was sure the little rascals were going to be exhausted but as soon as we got in the car to return home, Little Josh asked where we were headed to next.

There were no set plans, I called my little sister to get together for dinner. I love that I can do that.  It was not until three years ago that she moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area 3 years ago.  I adore seeing my boys with their cousins.  They are strong, smart, intelligent little girls and just watching them grow is such a privilege.  While the kids played, I sat with my sister to enjoy one of our conversations.  We can talk about anything, and since we are both in education and we share many of the same preoccupations, thoughts, and experiences, it always ends up being some of my favorite conversations.

As we chatted about our jobs, future, and parenthood, the boys ate their ice cream, and my nieces quickly proceeded to do as many cartwheels as they could. It was the perfect night to sit outside, eating ice cream and talking about whatever thought about.  I can honestly say that spending time with family is one of my favorite ways to spend my weekend.

Our topics of conversation weaved in and out as we can talk about a myriad of topics.  This is what we talked about last night that was a highlight for me. The theme that kept arising and we keep gravitating towards is change, the only constant in education.  It made me reflect about my experiences as a teacher, my next step in my career, my desire to have a greater impact in this field.  Since she attended a lecture by a superintendent, she shared some of the takeaways from it. There are several thoughts that resonated with me, for example, the fact that embracing change will broaden your perspective.  I am a firm believer that when a person embraces change, they are placed exactly where they need to be.  The people surrounding them will be exactly what we need to grow personally and professionally.  Although I have embraced change as a teacher, it becomes difficult to embrace change in a bigger scale.  How often do we put our hand down, or do not raise our hand at all to embark on new professional journeys because we question if we can do it at all, or again, the question of balance arise again.

I love how a light-hearted fun filled day is turned into a reflective evening with deep and meaningful conversations that makes us reflect.



Don’t Cry Over Lost Glasses

As tears began streaming down your cheek, I finally realized that I had pushed too hard.  It is another late day at school, when I tell you we have to rush to pick up your little brother from pre-k.  We pick him up and I decide we are just going home to prepare something quick for dinner.  Your tia (aunt) calls and invites us to go to an event that begins in 30 minutes.  I agree to go, and walk out of the room to find you in full Darth Vader costume (yes, you are obsessed and I blame your daddy for this).  You look up at me excited to finally be at home, be free, outside the school walls that you know ohh so well because mommy just spends way too much time there (the joys of being the child of a teacher).  I tell you to change, and to my surprise you immediately follow directions not because I tell you but because tia is just the person you cannot miss the opportunity to see.  I help you put your shirt on, quickly point out where your shoes are and now I ask for your glasses.

Oh your glasses, who are nowhere to be found. They have disappeared and of course you notice my level of frustration.  You feel it to your core, you begin crying and demanding your little brother to help you (in a i-am-going-to-push-you-until-you-find-my-glasses).  I hear the argument and rush to see that even though your little brother often has the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes at finding things in this house, there is no success.

I do not know why but I am still positive that we are going to be able to drive across town in less than 15 minutes.  I try to rush you and your little brother until finally I stop and look at you. My little boy, emotionally you are drained from your day at school, you have been patient with me waiting until I leave yet another staff meeting, and talk about my other kids to colleagues.   I push you. I push you so much you are in tears. You keep saying you need your glasses and guilt overrides all emotions.

I am sorry.  You are happy to be home because you can actually play. I ruined a peaceful day for you after all that you are asked to do at school.  I am sorry because I allowed myself to fall prey to what I am trying to avoid: being on the ‘go’ day after day, rushing from one place to another, rushing you to the car and rushing you to get off the car time and time again.  I am sorry because I know that sometimes there are triggers that upset you and this time that trigger was me.

You are now crying so hard and I know that it will be hard to calm you down, so I silently cry with you. I hug you and tell you mommy is sorry for rushing you. We will find your glasses, eventually, I promise you. I sit you on my lap and once again I realize how fast you are growing, how far you have come. I need to enjoy the perfectly ordinary days because they will be over too soon.

We compromise. You quickly decide to play Ninja Turtles with your brother, and I find your glasses exactly where you said they were not…my room.


You will never have this dayDarth Vader and Superman

Slice of Life #3