I want a puppy.

Slice of Life #5

It was October 31st 2015, like any Saturday, we enjoy family breakfasts without rushing to work or school.  Our weekend breakfast consists of pancakes topped with over-easy eggs, it has become a staple in my house and my boys love them.  The thought of adopting a puppy had been invading my mind.  As a family, we had already visited the Animal Shelter “just to see” if there were any puppies that we could adopt.  Also, I wanted to persuade Josh that having a pet was the best idea I ever had.

Convincing the boys that they really wanted a puppy was not difficult.  We had looked at pictures online of all the cute puppies.  They were my secret weapon to convince their daddy, they would deliver the strongest reason of why we need a puppy with their big brown eyes that would blink a little faster because they know that their charming looks are impossible to ignore.

The reasons that I had were endless: the boys are a perfect age to have a puppy and they can grow together. The boys would learn responsibility (ok, I understand the fallacy in this argument. Parents end up taking care of puppies) but Josh did not know that, right?  How awesome would it be for the boys to play fetch with a puppy in the backyard on sunny Texas days?  (I did not give any consideration to snowy days, rainy days, windy days, and lazy days).  Even though their arguments were perfect, Joshua knew the truth.  This puppy had nothing to do with the boys.  Mommy wanted a puppy.

Even though we looked at the dogs that were available, none met our criteria.  There was no luck again. Mysteriously we always ended up on the cat’s side of the shelter.  We played with puppies but I have never been a cat person.  As we were playing with a small white and grey kitten, we realized that it was just too playful and young.  At the last minute, the volunteer at the shelter that day said that there was another cat.  A black cat that was calm.  She asked if she could bring it to the room and there was no harm.  I definitely was not going to walk out of the shelter with a cat.  A CAT.  I have never even had a cat.  It was a bigger cat, and at the time we thought an older cat.  He was gentle and calm.  No little kitten nonsense.  The boys were trying to play with him, but he did not want to play.  The difference between this cat and others is that it did not seem to bother him that the boys were curious, inquisitive, touching his fur and holding him.

It was a black cat. On Halloween.  Of course we were not going to take it.  Josh, who was holding the cat, said it.  “I am the new owner of this cat.”  We decided to act like we did not hear what he said, but as we were walking, we automatically stopped and looked at each other.  You can imagine the dialogue: “Joshua really liked the cat,” “Cats take less maintenance,” “a cat would be easier to take care of,” etc. then the decision was made.  My idea of a puppy had turned into a cat.  A black cat.  Shadow.




8 thoughts on “I want a puppy.”

  1. The mind is such a fragile thing, isn’t it? Start with the idea of a puppy and end up with a cat! Fun slice! Would love to hear more about how Shadow has become a part of your family!


  2. Haha I really enjoyed how you set up your story to have the surprise ending. And I love that you adopted a black cat on Halloween! The universe always finds ways to talk to us…. 🙂


    1. I seriously want a puppy! It was so unexpected for us too. The boys enjoy the cat very much, i’m not sure how much he is enjoying the boys though. Shadow definitely has the right temperament for us!


  3. And, she’s back!!! I’m sorry I didn’t see your post yesterday – I would’ve given you a pep “talk” and told you it was OK to jump in and jump out. But, it turns out you didn’t need that because you know this – you are a Writer and there are times when we as Writers just can’t or don’t write. This slice was adorable. A cat – not a dog. Funny the things we think we’ll do that we never end up doing!


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