Writing, Writing, Writing


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There was a time where I thought of myself as a writer, often a notebook under my arm looking for inspiration to write about life, love, adventures.

This part of me slowly slipped away as life became more complex, grappling with difficult emotions, conundrums, and the weight of what seems as unsurmountable responsibilities often left notebooks filled with blank pages; fancy, colorful pens unused.

Today, I received a last minute invitation to participate in the Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March.  My first reaction is to put the idea away, save it for next year, I mean, when would I find the time, the ideas, the desire to write….

Writing for an audience leaves me with an uneasy feeling since I do not know how others are going to think of my writing, my thoughts, my ruminations, and my life.   Yet here I am with only a few hours to decide to take the plunge and write or skip this, forget about the idea of SOL and decide that I am not ready to feel vulnerable with my endless ruminations in the blogosphere.

I have never seen myself as a writer… in fact my search for voice has often been halted, I have decided to leave many things unsaid.  When I am required to write…I freeze, I doubt, I hesitate, I procrastinate, and leave whatever it is unfinished.

Not this time.

I have decided to write.

I have decided to expose the messy, sometimes overwhelming, beautiful, imperfect wonderful life of a mom, teacher,  and seeker of new educational adventures.  This is the commitment to myself…to find the time, to be inspired, to take notice, to be grateful, to share with others the art of writing.


4 thoughts on “Writing, Writing, Writing”

  1. To write is to explore the freedom of the self …. and how you write — maybe you don’t necessarily write here, in this public space — is part of that freedom. I hope you reconnect to your younger self, with notebooks under your arms and ideas floating in your head.


  2. Ivonne, you have a gift. I am so stinkin’ grateful you took the risk and shared your beautiful thoughts with this community. I love knowing that through writing, I can crawl inside that head of yours and see the amazing wonderings, ruminations, and wisdom you have to offer. Thanks for joining the party. I can’t wait to read your blog daily during the month of March and for years to come.


  3. Glad you joined, what an enjoyable read, I have the opposite problem. I am not a writer, pausing to write each day helps me see the world differently. This part describes me perfectly. “I freeze, I doubt, I hesitate, I procrastinate, and leave whatever it is unfinished.” Thanks for taking the plunge into the Slicing, may your writing world be reinvigorated.


    1. I think of myself of a writer until its time to share! I will write this quote and put it somewhere so I can see it everyday: “May your writing world be reinvigorated” That is such a great purpose to my writing!


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